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  • Underwater Construction and Design: a Modern Approach

Underwater Construction and Design: a Modern Approach

  • 18 Aug 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Online
Underwater Construction and Design: a Modern Approach

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The speakers, all involved in various aspects of underwater construction, will touch base on:

• What will it cost? The number one question in many people's mind; we will provide a broad range of pricing for; ROV inspection, diver inspection, dredging rates, trashrack installation

• Diver vs ROV: ROV’s are very capable in certain areas, but lack the functionality to perform some basic tasks. We will expand on last year’s discussion of when an ROV may be the right choice or when you really need a diver 

• Early Contractor Involvement / Alternative Delivery; There are many ways to develop a project, we will discuss several options that bring in the contractor earlier – to head off the unknown – with the goal of more certainly of schedule and price

• Safety: not all safety plans are equal; we will discuss how a good safety program protects our employees but also protects the owner and all involved in a project

• Technology: high-quality data, when teamed with knowledgeable partners (engineers – designers – contractors) make for a safer and more cost-effective project


 Frank Immel, Global Diving & Salvage, Inc.

 Dave Gillson, Infrastructure & Marine Consultants

 Alex Kaplan, ASI Marine

 Craig Bartheld, JF Brennan Company

 Craig Milburn, Ballard Marine Construction

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