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  • Fall 2022 Fundamentals of Facilitating a Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis

Fall 2022 Fundamentals of Facilitating a Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • 04 Oct 2022
  • 8:30 AM
  • 05 Oct 2022
  • 6:00 PM
  • Lowry Conference Center, Denver, CO

Fall 2022 Fundamentals of Facilitating a Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis

In-Person Workshop

Denver, CO

October 4-5 2022

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Eligible fo16 PDHs

Overview / Learning Objectives

The Dam and Levee Safety industry is in the process of adopting Risk-Informed Decision Making (RIDM) as a framework for identifying and managing risks associated with dams and levees.  A core component of RIDM is risk analysis workshops. In these workshops a team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), aided by a Facilitator:

1. Consider all the relevant information for a specific dam or levee (drawings, photos, history, studies, etc.)
2. Select the appropriate approach to risk analysis process including additional studies in preparation.
3. Select a team of Subject Matter Experts appropriate for conducting PFMA and SQRA
4. Guide a team in brainstorming and screening PFMs. 
5. Guide a team in the proper identification of specific ways in which the dam or levee could potentially fail, known as Potential Failure Mode Analysis (PFMA).
6. Guide a team in estimating the likelihood of a given PFM 
7. Guide a team in estimating consequences associated with a given PFM if it were to occur. Consequences typically focus on life safety, but in some cases may also include economic or other considerations.
8. Identify potential actions to address or further study a given PFM

Current best practice is for steps 6 and 7 to be performed using a “blind elicitation” method, which is then followed by discussion to resolve any differences and, if possible, come to consensus on the estimates for likelihood and consequence.  If consensus cannot be achieved, the differing estimates and supporting rationales are documented.  Depending on the size and complexity of the dam or levee, these risk analyses may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete.

Key roles of the Facilitator in the risk analysis workshop include:

• Ensure an organized, efficient presentation of relevant information to the SMEs including sufficient data is available.
• Encourage focused, constructive, and respectful discussion
• Encourage engagement from all SMEs
• Identify and advise SMEs if the proceedings are being impacted by cognitive errors (e.g., recency bias, anchoring)

This course, Fundamentals of Facilitating a Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis (Training), will provide:  Training in the fundamentals of facilitating a semi-quantitative risk analysis (SQRA), including instruction in the facilitator’s roles and responsibilities, and the essential facilitation skills, tools, and behaviors of a risk facilitator.  In addition, examples, exercises, and breakout sessions will be provided where attendees will have an opportunity to try out these techniques and tools.

Intended Audience
Dam engineering professionals with experience in potential failure modes analysis and risk analysis who are seeking training to serve as a facilitator for SQRA.  Those seeking approval from FERC, USACE, or TVA to facilitate an SQRA will need to have attended this or similar training.  In addition, it is highly recommended that attendees have been through the USACE/Reclamation Best Practices in Dam and Levee Safety Risk Analysis training and the USSD Workshop, Leveraging PFMA for Semi-Quantitative Risk Analysis.  It is generally assumed that individuals who attend this training also have at least 10 years of experience in dam and levee safety and have served as subject matter experts in a risk analysis in one or more of the major disciplines of geotechnical/geological engineering, structural engineering, hydrology and hydraulics, hydraulic structures/gates, or other.  


Jonathan Harris

Jennifer Williams

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