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  • Performance Based Earthquake Engineering and Fragility of Dams

Performance Based Earthquake Engineering and Fragility of Dams

  • 16 Nov 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Online

2021 Fall Workshop Series

Performance Based Earthquake Engineering and Fragility of Dams - November 16, 2021

10:00 am - 2:00 pm MST Eligible for 4 PDHs

Although the potential failure mode analysis (PFMA) is a standard and well accepted method in Dam Engineering, the complementary one, i.e., performance based earthquake engineering (PBEE) is widely used in building, nuclear, and bridge industries. While these two approaches have some similarities, the PBEE quantifies the results of numerical simulation in a more rational way and ultimately presents results it in the form of seismic fragility curves (SFC). A SFC is a sigmoid type curve in which the horizontal axis present the uncertain variable (e.g., peak ground acceleration or first-mode spectral acceleration), and the vertical one could be probability of exceedance of a particular "limit state" (such as tensile stress or crest displacement). The SFC is one of the final products in PBEE which is very useful for both engineers, managers, and dam owners. It provides a direct connection with loss model elements (e.g., monetary loss, fatalities, and downtime), and is a great asset for risk-based safety assessment of dams.

Developing SFC requires some knowledge about: (1) finite element model development, (2) different uncertainties sources in a typical case study dam, (3) different probabilistic analyses techniques and their differences, (4) optimal model development as the dam-foundation-water system is computationally expensive, and (5) developing the SFC using the raw data from structural simulations. 

This workshop will briefly cover all these topics and will provide a rich step by step framework for dam engineers on their journey to develop and interpret the seismic fragility curves. 

The application of probabilistic methods and fragility functions in Dam engineering seems to be inevitable. Therefore, we expect attendees with medium level of experience in structural engineering, earthquake engineering, dam safety, and even geothectical engineering.  

Eligible for 4 PDHs


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