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  • Specialized Communication for Engineers - #2 Culture-building Conversations

Specialized Communication for Engineers - #2 Culture-building Conversations

  • 10 Sep 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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USSD Leadership Webinar Series

Specialized Communication for Engineers

#2 Culture-building Conversations

What internal conversations say about your company’s culture. Dr. Camacho defines a healthy culture as one where everyone feels heard, understood, and valued. She shares 7 communication tools and 3 communication hats to help leaders improve communication in their spheres of influence.

The Specialized Communication for Engineers module consists of three 1-hour webinars that can be taken singularly or as a building skill block.

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 About the Presenter

  Laura Camacho, MBA, PhD, PMP, founder of the Mixonian


Camacho is a corporate strategist, trainer and culture fixer. She helps companies create a healthy culture with a better bottom line. A strong culture is one where everyone feels heard, understood and valued.

 Through her expertise, creative research and sense of humor, she is shaking up the traditional approach to creating healthy company cultures.

 Her articles are regularly featured in several publications, including Forbes, The Southern C, Lionesses of Africa and now Training Industry.

Member of the Forbes Council of Coaches, Dr. Camacho was also named by The Moultrie News as a “Leading Woman in Business,” and was praised for “doing an amazing job of connecting ‘soft skills’ involving the head, the heart, with the nitty gritty technical, logical, analytical workplace we work in.”

 She specializes in teaching highly analytical professionals how to communicate more effectively, including all sorts of engineers, finance executives, and scientistsElig

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